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Thanks to the hydraulic articulated shovel, every unit loads the aggregates with maximum precision. The blade inside the bucket breaks the bags of cement to prevent losses and to ensure all the material easily goes into the mixer.
Rent this on-site mixing machine. Always fresh concrete
This is an innovative machine, which enables instant control of the mix design, with data available in real time for effective monitoring and increased quality. Rent the Carmix 3500 TC for your next project.
Always fresh concrete when you need it. Ideal for remote job sites.
Once inside the drum, aggregates and cement are perfectly mixed together with the water pumped from the two large tanks. The quality of the concrete, is ensured by the 4 mm “T-type” double mixing screws. Electronic weighing system available on request.

Save time and cut the costs.

Rent this self loading concrete mixer. . . The Carmix 3500 TC – it is easy to use, and ideal for producing and distributing concrete at the most difficult sites, in the most congested traffic or on the remotest island. If needed an experienced operator can be added to your rental and at your disposal. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Specs for CARMIX 3500TC

Rent This Off-Road Mobile Batch Plant

  • Front cab and engine at the back to guarantee enhanced safety and comfort for the operator.
  • Load Cells electronic weighing system to ensure maximum accuracy in the production of concrete.
  • Drum unit rotating through 270° to easily unload on the four sides of the off-road mobile mixer machines. 
  • It turns all the way around the vehicle without it having to be moved.
  • Articulated loader with hydraulic door to prevent unwanted dispersion of the material.
  • Hopper on the loader to ensure maximum precision when loading materials.
  • Fully automated system for ease of use, also suitable for inexperienced operators.


    Concrete Batch Solutions, LLC
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    Mobile Batch Plant for Rent. Everything is automated with this CARMIX 3500TC. Rent this unit today.

    Rent The Best Equipment For Your Next Project

    This machine prepares concrete on site, offering a top-quality product, ready to be used anywhere, at all latitudes, rapidly and timely.
    Everything is automated with this CARMIX 3500TC. Rent this unit today

    RENT this smart mobile concrete batching plant engineered to offer greater comfort to the user with ergonomic controls, all-round visibility and an air-conditioned cab. In addition, this machine is equipped with innovative technologies that improve concrete performance: with the Promix probe and the new Concrete-Mate batching system, it is possible to obtain a perfect mix suitable for every type of job and situation.


    Concrete Batch Solutions, LLC
    3705 Bellevue Avenue
    Lake Worth, FL 33461

    Carmix 3500 TC – concrete mixer illustration video

    An Informative animated cartoon that walks you through the benefits of the CARMIX 3500 TC, including the cutting-edge technology of PROMIX. A stainless steel probe inside the drum to instantaneously provide the operator with mix data such as slump, temperature, volume, concrete readiness.

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